Audio system


When it comes to audio, nothing is off limits.

We start by asking a series of questions to determine what each individual client is seeking. From there we can custom build the ideal enclosure or select the optimal prefabricated box. And partnering with a variety of brands allows us to perfectly match individual preferences and budgets. 

Automotive lighting


Pods, bars, cubes, strips... you name it, we install it. 

Clients desire lighting for a wide variety of reasons: bumper lights for those dark nights off the beaten path, wheel well lighting to shine at shows, or lights to lead the way on the open water or simply start the party. Whatever the reason is, we have the light solution for every need.

Custom interior and audio


"Accessories" in our mobile electronics division includes a vast diversity of customization. We've been asked to do it all... from the simple tasks such as switch panels, cellphone mounts, and ceiling mounted fishing pole carriers to the extreme--a custom two-level dog kennel for two labradoodles in a Tesla. So if you're looking for something custom, we've got you covered.